The following Subdivision Deed Restrictions, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations, on file with Hood County Public Records and downloaded from their website, provide the basis for governing Arrowhead Shores Subdivision. Purchasers of properties in Arrowhead Shores are contractually obligated to comply with these documents.

Subdivision Deed Restrictions: Often known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), this document mandates the rights and obligations of ASOA’s homeowners association (HOA) to its members and vice versa. It covers the “whats” of the HOA, i.e., what types of buildings and uses are allowed; structure locations, septic systems, fences, etc.; and the function of the Architectural Control Committee in monitoring the proper use of lots and enforcing the restrictions.

By-Laws: This document prescribes the “hows” of the HOA, i.e., how recreational areas and facilities are to be managed and used, how assessments are determined, how and when elections and meetings are conducted, how the Board of Directors functions, how pets and animals are to be controlled, etc.

Rules and Regulations: This document contains details not covered in the Subdivision Deed Restrictions and Bylaws, which may need periodic revisions due to changes in the community. These include office hours, procedures, and contact information; dues, assessments, and fees; functions and responsibilities of Directors, Officers, Employees, and Committees; responsibilities of owners and rights of renters, tenants, and lessees; grounds, community building, pool, and recreational areas operations.

ASOA Fees and Services: This document details facilities and services that the Association provides and lists the fees that are charged, as well as owner/member dues and renter/tenant fees.


Subdivision Deed Restrictions

Rights and obligations of ASOA and its members.

ASOA Fees and Services

Member dues; fees for renters/tenants, office services, swimming pool, mowing, community room, restriction violations.


Rules adopted by the HOA chiefly for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs.

Rules & Regulations

Owner and tenant responsibilities and privileges; functions of directors, officers, employees, committees, and maintenance. 


ACC Application

Application for approval of plans by ASOA Architectural Commitee